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    Deputy Governor Uu's formula for Zero Accident Homecoming


    CITY OF BANDUNG - Ahead of Eid Mubarak, Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum asked residents to take anticipatory steps to improve safety factors and reduce accident rates, if possible zero accident.

    As stated by Uu Ruzhanul when met after attending the Ceremony Title of the Lodaya 2019 Ketupat Operation Force which was held on Diponegoro Street, Bandung, Tuesday (05/28/19).

    According to Uu Ruzhanul, several anticipatory steps need to be taken regarding factors from the driver and the feasibility of the vehicle. "The main thing is safety and accidents that must be minimized, if possible zero (accident)," he said.
    For that, he hopes when on the driver's journey back and forth in good physical and mental condition. "I hope that the drivers must be truly in an uninterrupted mental state, emotionally," he explained.

    The second thing, namely the feasibility of a vehicle. Uu Ruzhanul said that the vehicle for going home does not have to be new but in good and safe conditions.

    "If the vehicle is in a long condition, but if it is cared for properly, the brakes work great, and other things. Then it will minimize accidents," he explained.

    "So, two things that must be anticipated in maintaining safety. First, about the human or driver. And the second vehicle must be good," continued Uu Ruzhanul.

    Meanwhile, regarding safeguards for homecoming and Eid al-Fitr, Uu explained that the West Java Provincial Government deployed joint personnel from the Department of Transportation and other related agencies. In addition, there are safeguards from the TNI and Polri. It is hoped that the community can celebrate Eid al-Fitr comfortably and safely.

    "In our Shari'ah efforts we have the maximum, civil personnel, TNI, Polri in carrying out safeguards for Eid al-Fitr, so that those who carry out Eid Al-Fitr are in a comfortable, calm and safe state," he hoped.

    Operation Ketupat Lodaya 2019

    KEPOLISIAN West Java held an Apple Hold the Ketupat Lodaya Operations Force 2019. The operation will be held for 13 days starting May 29 - June 10, 2019.

    According to National Police Chief Gen. Pol. Tito Karnavian said in his mandate that this year's Lodaya Ketupat Operation had distinctive characteristics compared to the previous year's operations. The reason is concurrent with the process of the stages of the 2019 Election, so according to Tito the potential for vulnerability is increasingly complex.

    "Lodaya 2019 Ketupat operation has distinctive characteristics compared to the previous year's operations, this operation will be carried out in conjunction with the stages of the 2019 Election, so that the potential vulnerability that will be faced is increasingly complex," said Tito.

    Various things that can disrupt the stability of the community and need to be optimally anticipated include, for example, acts of terror attacks, various crimes that disturb the community, such as theft, robbery, mugging, begging and thuggery, intolerant acts, land, sea and air safety disturbances. , price stability and availability of basic commodities and potential natural disasters.

    The Ketupat Lodaya 2019 operation will be held in 34 regional police offices with 11 priority regional police, including the West Java Regional Police. While the number of personnel deployed was 160,335 joint personnel, consisting of 93,598 National Police personnel, 13,131 TNI personnel, 18,906 relevant ministry and service personnel, 11,720 Satpol PP personnel, 6,911 Scout personnel, and 6,076 mass organization personnel.

    They will be deployed in 2,488 security posts, 764 service posts, 74 integrated posts, and 12 check points locations. While the security objects were 898 terminals, 379 train stations, 592 ports, 212 airports, 3,097 shopping centers, 77,217 mosques and 3,530 attractions.

    In West Java, about 22,000 TNI, Polri, Dishub, Jasa Raharja, and health office personnel will deploy. There are three integrated security posts, namely in Cikopo, Palimanan, and Limbangan, as well as 35 security posts and 276 service posts throughout West Java.

    West Java Regional Police Chief Inspector General of Police. Rudy Sufahriadi who was accompanied by Military Commander III / Siliwangi Maj. Gen. Tri Soewandono said that his party would continue to work together to secure the flow of homecoming and Eid al-Fitr this year.

    "The mandate of the Indonesian National Police Chief was clear that we are working on synergy for 13 days," he said.

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