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    Vice Governor : Young Film-Maker Should Produce The Qualify Film


    SUKABUMI - Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar gave a briefing in the workshop of Sukabumi Student film festival 2016 which initiated by Semantic Movie and Photography Club and Subi TV located at SMAN 3 Sukabumi, on Wednesday March 30, 2016.

    This event was attended by Sukabumi Mayor, H. Muhammad Muraz, SH, MH, Vice Mayor of Sukabumi H. Achmad Fahmi, S.Ag, M. MPd., film director Dedi Setiadi, and cultural observer Aa Gatot Brajamusti.

    On that occasion, Deddy hopes through this event will produce the young film-makers who will make a great film in order to set aside a movie that is not qualified.

    Deddy fully support the growth of various film community and short films festivals to give many choices for people and film lovers.

    “A film has an ability create magic and influence people’s emotion. Film is neutral, it can give a positive or negative impact depending on the film-maker conviction,” he explained.

    Deddy also requested Sukabumi City Government to build arts venues to showcase the work of filmmakers, artists and cultural from Sukabumi. “Provincial government will help the budgeting, so please for the Sukabumi government to make the plan and its DED,” said Deddy that responded gladly to the workshop participant.

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