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    Magribs Recite Printed Qurani Generation in West Java


    BANDUNG CITY- Chair of West Java Province PKK Driving Team Atalia Praratya Kamil expressed his pride in the finalists of the adhan race, tahfidz quran (memorization 30 juz), and the little dai.

    According to him this is one of the efforts to form a young generation that has a Koranic character by becoming an interpreter of the Qur'an and memorizing the Koran.

    "It's amazing because it is related to the Magaji Magaji program. I had goosebumps, too, how they could recite the verses very well and they were able to deal with the audience without feeling nervous," Atalia said after reviewing the Tahfidz Competition, Adzan, Dai Cilik at Al-Muttaqien Mosque, Gedung Sate Bandung, Saturday (05/25/19).

    "Indeed, the potential of these children is the result of parents who have educated them (children) so amazingly that they are ready to form a young generation with moral character," he continued.

    Atalia added, these children are finalists who have been selected in the preliminary round. About 12 finalists from four regions in West Java, each category (adzan competition, tahfidz quran race, and little dai competition) were then selected by four finalists.

    Initially, the three competitions were participated by 24 participants in each category, as representatives of cities / regencies in West Java. The regions which did not send their representatives this year are Tasikmalaya City, Banjar City and Cirebon Regency.

    He hopes that this activity will be able to shape the character of children so that they are born a better-quality generation, given the importance of religious education from an early age. Of course the role of parents is also needed to familiarize children with the values of Islamic religion.

    "If these children can mean that all of our children can also. One of them is by preparing early," continued Atalia.

    "I see how these children can recite the Quran because in the golden age of their lives up to eight years," he concluded.

    The recitation of the Koran, Muezzin, and the Little Dai is a strengthening of the West Java Provincial Government program, Magrib Mengaji. The competition was packaged in the Opening of the Ramadan Blessing 1440 H which was a series of events to Open Together On The Street (Bubos) 2019

    The winners of the race were announced in Bubos 2019 on the front page of Gedung Sate and half of Jalan Diponegoro, Bandung, which took place Saturday (05/25/19) afternoon. The finalists also performed according to the fields contested.

    Bubos 2019 also closes the Opening of Ramadan Blessings which have been held in four regions (Cianjur, Purwakarta, Sumedang, and Cirebon City) as strengthening the Magrib Mengaji program. (*)

    Details of the finalists who meet the competition criteria:

    Tahfidz Competition:

    - Sahid Badar (District of Sukabumi)

    - Andini Azma A (Bekasi City);

    - Salman Hafidz (Regency of Bandung);

    - Hasbi Alaika Ani'ma (Pangandaran Regency)

    Adhan Contest:

    - Hajaz (Regency of Bogor)

    - M. Khoirul Mustaqim (City of Bekasi)

    - Muamar Ahmad Sya'bani (Regency of Garut)

    - M. Najri Adlani (Majalengka District)

    Little Dai Competition:

    - Zaskya Kamilatul Hasanah (District of Sukabumi)

    - Satria (City of Bandung)

    - M. Aslimudin Musani (Regency of Bandung)

    - Ghestya Nisrin Salsabila (Indramayu Regency)

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