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    Appreciation for the West Java Champion Program, Ridwan Kamil as Speaker at the UN-Habitat Assembly Forum


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil plans to attend an invitation as a speaker at the 1st United Nations (UN) Habitat Assembly, which was held May 27-31 2019 in Nairobi, Kenya.

    At this international level meeting, Emil - his nickname - will talk about innovation and collaboration initiated by the West Java Provincial Government of West Java's development strategy on the quality of urban life in West Java and past experience as Mayor of Bandung.

    Emil said that he, as the Governor of West Java, had the honor of being the keynote speaker at the opening of the UN session especially UN-Habitat (UN-Habitat) taking place in Naerobi, Kenya. "It is an honor for us, especially for West Java, to be invited to give a speech at this big forum," he said at the Negara Pakuan Building, Bandung, Saturday (05/25/19).

    He hopes to bring the good name of Indonesia, and Indonesia can be used as a pilot for the progress of developing countries towards developed countries that also focus on sustainable and green development. "There we will collaborate with the United Nations, heads of state, and regional heads under the auspices of the United Nations for the development of West Java development," he said.

    "So, this is a rare opportunity. I was there for approximately two or three days (focusing on the UN event) after that back to the homeland, "

    It was revealed in a statement delivered by UN-Habitat, West Java Provincial Government to be a best practice in the development of an inclusive economy with a variety of social and technological innovations, which was strengthened by solid collaboration between stakeholders and community participation.

    West Java is also considered to be an example in the involvement of informal organizations, in addition to formal organizations, in increasing local potential. For example, involving houses of worship (mosques, churches, monasteries) in lending in Intimate Loans; village empowerment programs by and for the community through the One Village One Product program, CEO of Village-Owned Enterprises (BUMDes), and Digital Village.

    According to Emil, because the United Nations is targeting to improve the quality of development that is not only focused on infrastructure but on the shift to human resources, to collaboration, to the theory of Pentahelix, and others. "They want to listen to the experience of West Java, so that one day West Java will be a model for how to build an adaptive and better future," he said.

    According to the schedule, Governor Ridwan Kamil will speak in 6 sessions at the annual UN-Habitat meeting. He will be the Keynote Speaker at the opening ceremony related to the theme: "Quality of Life Innovation is Better in Cities and Communities". Emil is also scheduled to attend regional head meetings, high level interactive discussions with the theme, "Cities and communities segment on the implementing new urban agenda"

    Pemdaprov West Java made one special side event independently with the theme: "Shaping Happiness Society". Furthermore, the side event is expected to be a forum for exchange of ideas between local governments, various UN agencies, civil society, the private sector, and other stakeholders regarding innovation to accelerate the implementation of the New Urban Agenda and achieve Sustainable Development Goals.

    Aside from being a speaker in six sessions, Emil took advantage of this opportunity by holding several meetings with parties who happened to be present at UN-Habitat. Parties that have been scheduled to attend are government officials, urban designer planners such as, First, Minister of Housing Malaysia, Executive UN-Habitat, Executive UN-Environmental Program, Islamic Develompment Bank.

    Emil was also scheduled to meet with regional management authorities in Malaysia's Regional Development Authority (IRDA). Not only from the Asian Region, the Governor of Barcelona was scheduled to meet with Emil and exchange provincial management experience.

    UN-Habitat Assembly

    1st UN-Habitat Assembly has the theme "Innovation for Better Quality of Life in Cities and Communities with participants ranging from Heads of State, Ministers, Governors / Mayors, Non-Government Organizations, academics, to business actors. The UN-Habitat Assembly itself consists of 193 member states that have been determined through resolution 73/239.

    UN-Habitat is a UN wing organization that addresses settlement issues. They hold meetings every 20 years. The inaugural meeting was held in Vancouver, Canada, in 1976. The second meeting in Turkey in 1996 in Istanbul, Turkey. In each meeting, they will discuss what issues will be worked out in the program to improve human settlements in the world.

    The Nairobi UN Office (United Nations Office in Nairobi / UNON) is the only UN Headquarters (UN Headquarters) located in developing countries. Besides being frequently used as the location of various UN (and regional) major conferences / conferences, UNON is also the location of the 2 (two) headquarters of the United Nations Program namely the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and the United Nations Human Settlement Program (UN-Habitat).

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