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    West Java PLN Maintained the Reliability of Electricity during Eid


    BANDUNG - PT PLN The West Java Distribution Unit urges people who want to go home to pay attention to the electricity network before being left for long. On the other hand, PLN will maintain the reliability of electricity supply during the Lebaran season this year.

    To guard it, PLN West Java prepares mudik posts at 19 points or 46 points throughout Java. Senior Manager of Distribution of PT PLN West Java Distribution Unit, Hendra Slamet Riadi, said that a post for homecoming will be prepared for resting places with the provision of mild health care for travelers.

    While for the electricity disturbance alert post, PLN prepared 193 posts which were ready for 24 hours. The post was strengthened by the availability of a team of 560 mobile vehicles, 18 crane cars, 9 units of detection cars, 35 units of gensets, 4 units of portable detection and 9 units of transformer cars.

    "We are preparing guard officers to maintain 3,017 electrical reliability," he said.

    PLN has inventoryed important locations that we will secure as many as 1120 locations in 17 West Java work areas, such as mosques, terminals, airports, stations and major tourist locations. Jo

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