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    With Religious Education Regional Regulation, Salafiyah Islamic Boarding Schools are not "Orphans" anymore


    CIREBON REGENCY - Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum believes that salafiyah santri needs special attention from the government, including the assistance of its pesantren infrastructure.

    According to him, in West Java, especially in rural areas, there are still many salafiyah students. The santri studied in boarding schools were identical to studying the yellow books.

    Uu mentions, salafiyah santri "are orphans" because of the difficulty of accessing funds to the education office because the category is not elementary, junior high, high school students. Likewise when trying to access the ministry of religion, salafiyah pesantren also have difficulties because it is not tsanawiyah or aliyah.

    "Why do salafiyah santri need to be helped because they are orphaned in financing. To the education office they are not included because they are not elementary, middle and high school students. The Ministry of Religion is not included because it is not a student of tsanawiyah, aliyah. "Uu said that he was met after the Ramadan Safari at the Great Mosque of Sumber, Cirebon Regency, Friday (05/24/19).

    For this reason, continued Uu, the West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) initiated a regional regulation on religious education. With the regulation, salafiyah santri will easily get help because they already have a legal basis. Currently the religious education regulations are being formulated in the West Java DPRD.

    "They (santri salafiyah) must have special attention from us. Hopefully with the completion of the local regulations on (education) religion which are currently being formulated in the Parliament, salafiyah santri will be covered in receiving assistance like other students," he said.

    In the Ramadan safari, the Deputy Governor of Uu handed over compensation to salafiyah santri in the Sumber area of the West Java National Amil Zakat Agency (Baznas). The duafa, orphans and DKM mosques continued to receive compensation.

    "We also deliver compensation for orphans on this Ramadan safari," he said.

    Uu hopes that the community will immediately issue their zakat because it benefits others. Safari Ramadan is a tradition passed down from previous governors. But this year safari is carried out more widely and in a day can safari to three districts / cities.

    "Safari Ramadan is our tradition since the previous leadership but now it has been expanded to various places. Usually morning, afternoon to evening while taking a nap," Uu said. (*)

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