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    Secretary Inaugurates 177 Functional Officials in Gedung Sate


    BANDUNG - Secretary of West Java Iwa Karniwa inaugurated 177 functional officials in the local government of West Java Province, at Gedung Sate, Friday morning (05/24/2019). 177 of the appointed functional officials consisted of doctors, main teachers, researchers, pharmacists, extension agents and others. In his remarks, Iwa said that functional officials must continue to develop their insights.

    "In carrying out the task of helping the leaders of the brothers, they must continue to add insight, both general knowledge and more about the fields involved," he said.

    The functional official was appointed because his energy was indeed needed even though there was no technical structural position.

    "In accordance with their expertise, their duties are very necessary to support the smoothness and progress of certain fields in the OPD or Service" explained Iwa.

    177 The inaugurated functional officials according to Iwa consist of the Main Expert 1 person, First Expert Expert 139 people, Main Expert Supervisor 1 person, Researcher 1 person, Planner 1 person, Nurse 2 people, doctor 8 people, Pharmacist 1 person, Forestry Extension 12 people, 7 ecosystem ecosystem controllers, and 1 social worker. (Even)

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