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    Ciayumajakuning Becomes a New Economic Growth Zone in West Java


    CIREBON CITY - Cirebon, Indramayu, Majalengka and Kuningan or Ciayumajakuning areas will become new economic growth areas in West Java. Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzanul Ulum revealed this during the Ramadan Safari event in the grand mosque of Cirebon City on Thursday afternoon (5/23/2019). According to Uu, this was not just a plan but had begun to be initiated by the West Java Province by making 3 regions in North East West Java a special economic zone called the Rebana region.

    "The Governor has planned to move the industrial estate in West Java to the tambourine area, namely the Ciayumajakuning and Subang areas. This is supported by the facilities of the Kertajati airport, the port of Patimban and several new toll roads that pass through the tambourine area" Uu said.

    Uu said that the establishment of special economic zones requires the support and cooperation of all parties, especially the City and Regency provinces. Without togetherness it is impossible to materialize.

    "Therefore, this Ramadhan safari at the West Java province at the same time became a venue for gathering and disseminating the big ideas, building a new potential economic growth area," he said in front of the audience including regents and mayors in the Ciayumajakuning area.

    At the end of his speech, Uu expressed his gratitude to the people in the Ciayumajakuning area who had succeeded in maintaining conduciveness in the event of the democratic party of the Pileg and Pilpres.

    "There are no worrisome things in West Java, even though the political temperature is heating up lately regarding the final results of the presidential and legislative election vote count by the KPU. I appreciate and say thank you for the people's participation in maintaining security and order" concluded Uu. (Even)

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