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    Provincial Government and BI Work Together to Maintain Inflation in West Java


    BANDUNG - West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) is ready to help Bank Indonesia reduce inflation in fair conditions. This was stated by West Java Regional Secretary, Iwa Karniwa, after holding a meeting with BI representatives at Gedung Sate, Thursday (05/23/2019).

    According to Iwa Karniwa, there are various efforts that will be carried out by the West Java Provincial Government with BI about the inflation rate. One of them is to increase economic growth in West Java with various alternatives, which leads to soaring public welfare, and a decline in poverty, unemployment and social inequality.
    "It also includes financial literacy that we need to improve to the community, where there are some West Javanese people, who apologize, financial literacy is still relatively small," said Iwa Karniwa.
    As the coordinator of the inflation model in West Java, Iwa Karniwa will try to improve public financial literacy. Financial literacy itself aims to make people aware of financial access. For example, saving money in a bank, both Islamic and conventional.
    "If you save at a bank, then the intermediary bank will need funds. "It will be more money spinning, thus increasing economic capacity," he said.
    In addition to increasing financial literacy, Iwa Karniwa's focus is also on the non-cash payment system. It aims so that BI prints money according to needs. Even so, the availability of goods must be adjusted to the level of community needs.

    "Because it is the most suitable, print money also according to your needs, goods also according to your needs. Then economic growth increases and inflation is maintained, "he said.

    Head of the West Java BI Representative Economic Advisory Group, Pribadi Santoso, explained that the West Java Provincial Government has a crucial role in controlling inflation. One way is to optimize sources of income to connect producers and consumers, so that prices of basic commodities are stable and can be controlled.

    Regarding financial literacy, Pribadi Santoso said that his party would hold an internal meeting and establish cooperation with the Financial Services Authority (OJK) regarding the payment system.

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