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    West Java Culture Becomes the Attraction of Pocari Sweat Run Bandung


    BANDUNG - Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil strongly supports events, promotions or art activities such as films that can increase the brand value or image of West Java. Like the Bandung West Java Marathon Pocari Sweat Run event which will be held on July 28, 2019.

    "If I am simple, whatever activities that can raise a positive image of West Java I will be supported," he said after the press conference of the West Bandung Pocari Sweat Run Java Marathon 2019 at Gedung Sate, Dipenogoro Street, Bandung City, Thursday (05/23/2019).

    Emil - Ridwan Kamil's words - continued that the biggest running route in Pasundan Land would pass a charming array of old buildings. Therefore, he predicts that there will be many runners who stop to take pictures.

    "I also must be tempted, especially last year I also ran and Alhamdulillah finished in 5 KM, it was fun," he said.

    Emil also asked the organizers and the Office of Culture and Tourism of West Java Province to raise the cultural elements of West Java in the event. That can be a differentiator from the marathon in other parts of the world.

    "This will differentiate running events in Bandung with the rest of the world, so people will miss and impress," he said.

    Therefore, Emil hopes that the promotion carried out by the organizers is not only a matter of the event, but also helps promote West Javanese culture. Moreover, the tickets provided by the committee have been sold out in just 45 minutes.

    "We will invite cultural arts in West Java, they will be given a roadside spot to entertain runners and visitors," he explained.

    With the cultural elements of West Java, said Emil, the event has more appeal. "In terms of scale, participants may be small compared to running events in the world. But with the difference, that is our attraction, "he said.

    In addition to bringing in brand value, Emil stated that the run will have an impact on improving the economy of the community. Because, seeing people's enthusiasm last year, the city of Bandung is visited by many tourists from various regions in Indonesia.

    "Not only runners who come. But, they bring family. Surely they stay at the hotel, then take a walk and shop. If one family spends Rp. 1 million, imagine how many billions of money are circulating here. Later, we will also have a discount, please maximize the promotion, technical issues can be discussed further, "he said.

    In West Java, the event ran not only in Bandung, but also the event in Pangandaran which was held last year. "If in Bandung the theme is urban, if in Pangandaran the theme is natural. The potential is extraordinary, the road is good and the road is beautiful. Hopefully this year's promotion will be more optimal, "he concluded.

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