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    West Java Provincial Government Submitted 3 Draft Regional Regulation to West Java Parliament


    BANDUNG - In order to realize equitable development in an equitable manner, the Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) of West Java submitted a discussion of 3 Draft Regional Regulations (Raperda) to the Parliament of West Java Province. The submission was submitted by the Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil, at the West Java Parliament plenary meeting on Wednesday (5/22/2019).

    The three Draft Regulations submitted included the Draft Regional Regulation on Religious Education, the Draft Regional Regulation on Housing and Settlement Development Development Plans (RP3KP) in 2019-2039, and the Draft Regional Regulation on the Implementation of Health.

    Emil - Ridwan Kamil's father - said that the West Java Provincial Government had a dream of educating the nation's life which is fundamental, in accordance with the mandate of article 31 paragraph 1 of the 1945 Constitution which states that every citizen has the right to education.

    "The existence of religious and religious education has become a complete and integrated sociological reality in the practice of the daily life of the people of West Java, which is known to be religious," he said while giving a welcome speech. .

    Therefore, the continuity of religious education is regulated in Government Regulation Number 55 of 2007, which states that religious education becomes education that provides knowledge, personality attitudes and skills in applying good values.

    "Meanwhile, religious education is education that prepares students who demand mastery of religious teachings and practice religious teachings," he said.

    The West Java Provincial Government's objective is to make these regional regulations facilitate funding for religious education, strengthen institutional aspects of religious education, increase the capacity of human resources through religious education institutions, improve the quality of students and practice religious values ??and improve professionalism and accountability of unit managers religious education.

    "According to the commitment, the council will discuss it so that it is clear and fair in protecting the kiai, santri and pesantren. Also other religious education that is non-Muslim must be assisted and protected. Hopefully the regulations that will be discussed in the future in West Java can go up in class, "he said.

    Whereas, regarding the Health Services Raperda, Emil explained that in the 1945 Constitution, every citizen has the right to live in an inner and outer prosperity, obtain a healthy environment, and obtain health services. "These human rights are universal for the people of Indonesia, including West Java," he said.

    The high health index is an indicator of public welfare. Therefore, the West Java Provincial Government must improve the public health index. Although health management in West Java has been regulated in Perda No.10 of 2019, the regulation needs to be reviewed.

    "Our reason is because adjustments need to be made regarding the existence of new legislation regulations as part of the national health system," Emil said.

    The aim is for the Provincial Government to guarantee that everyone has a high degree of health, so that they can live productively and qualitatively, develop intelligence potential by providing protection and health services in a sustainable, integrated and comprehensive manner.

    The Provincial Government of West Java is also obliged to guarantee the availability and affordability of resources in health efforts, and to improve the quality of health services. "The most important thing is to provide an opportunity for everyone to obtain their rights," Emil said.

    While the draft RP3KP for 2019-2039 was submitted because the West Java Provincial Government and West Java District / City Government had the task of drafting development plans and development of housing and residential areas in accordance with Law No.1 of 2011 concerning housing and residential areas.

    "The drafting of the draft regulation and P3KP technical material is in accordance with the ministerial decree of PUPR No 12 2014 regarding guidelines for development planning and housing and residential areas," Emil said.

    According to Emil, Rp3KP of West Java Province and Regency / City are complementary. That is, the task of the Regional Government of West Java Province composes a cross-regency / city RP3KP. Meanwhile, the Regency / City Government is tasked with preparing RP3KP in the region.

    "At present, West Java faces several problems, central and provincial development that need to be addressed by integrated legal instruments," he said.

    "Then in the field of housing, in terms of quantity in West Java Province there are 1.2 million units. Meanwhile, the quality of inadequate housing is 191,746 units and there are still many slum areas that need handling through structuring and increasing access to basic infrastructure, "he continued.

    The draft regulation aims to create a region that functions as a residential environment and a place for activities that support life and planned life. Then, the combination and balance of development between regions, between sectors and between locations.

    The next objective is to optimize community participation, realize resource use efficiently, effectively, equitably and sustainably. "Most importantly, provide legal certainty in the implementation of PKP," Emil continued.

    Deputy Chairperson of the West Java Provincial Parliament, Irfan Suryanegara, stated that his party would support the steps of the Governor and Deputy Governor of West Java. He will also pray that what he hopes can be realized.

    "The Friends of the Governor and Deputy Governor, we are ready to support and pray for what is best for West Java," he said.

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