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    This is the Governor's Message to the Media Crew


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil just returned from Japan, and Wednesday (05/22/2019) immediately held a gathering and broke the fast together with the press in the Negara Pakuan Building, the official residence of the Governor of West Java Otista Street No. 1 Bandung City. In his remarks, Kang Emil left at least three messages to the media crew in West Java.

    "First, addressing the latest political developments. I advise the media to participate in cooling the atmosphere, it must be able to balance the true news against the swift information on social media that is often a hoax," he said.

    According to Emil, mainstream media must be able to present the news according to the facts, do not exaggerate and reduce the facts.

    "And more importantly it is also a filter of which information can cool which actually makes noise and heat," he continued.

    For West Java, Emil said the atmosphere was quite conducive.

    "I have communicated with the police chief, the information is nothing that is worrying enough is under control. Likewise I am communicating with all regional heads Insya Alloh in areas also safe until today," he explained.

    The next message conveyed by the Governor was the result of his trip to Japan.

    "There, I have only one day, there are about eight matters that have been resolved, hopefully, to settle for West Java," he said without specifying his affairs.

    Last in his speech, Governor entrusted to the media to continue to support the West Java Inner Birth Champion program which he carried out in his administration period until 2023. Present at the iftar with the Governor, Deputy Governor Uu Ruzanul Ulum, Secretary of West Java Iwa Karniwa, bureau heads and assistants. (Even)

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