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    Commemorating May 20th, Revive the Mutual Cooperation Culture


    BANDUNG - Ceremony commemorating National Awakening Day May 20, 2019 West Java level takes place at the Gedung Sate courtyard with a simple ceremony. The Deputy Governor of West Java, Uu Ruzanul Ulum, acts as the ceremonial coach. The Deputy Governor read the written mandate of the Minister of Home Affairs in the ceremony mandate, about the importance of re-attaching a sense of national unity.

    "What do you stick to? Yes, of course with a sense of tolerance and willingness to be different and accept the difference," said Uu.

    In addition, as one of the adhesive elements of the union, according to Uu, the nature of mutual cooperation owned by the Indonesian people must continue to be encouraged.

    "We have to admit that the nature of mutual cooperation began to fade a bit, so I entrusted it so that the taste and traits will continue to be stirred up, not to disappear," said Uu.

    The ceremony commemorating National Awakening Day in West Java was attended by Provincial ASNs, several elements of the community, students and community organizations. (Even)

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