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    BJB Celebrates 58th Anniversary


    BANDUNG - May 20, 2019, Bank BJB is 58 years old. Bank bjb, which has been present and contributes to the banking industry in Indonesia and provides various innovations in banking products and services to the Indonesian people.

    "Bank BJB will continue to synergize, innovate to deliver the best services for people in Indonesia. Bank BJ's brilliant performance continues to be achieved and various types of institutions, both from within and outside the country. "where it will stimulate enthusiasm to continue to improve and maintain the company's performance and always be ready to provide the best service for customers and help to build the economy, especially for the West Java and Banten regions," said the Head of the Division of Corporate Secretary of the Bank BJB, M. As'adi Budiman, Monday night at the Head Office of BJB, Jalan Naripan.

    Bank BJB is a Regional Development Bank (BPD) which has now become national and has spread across 14 provinces in Indonesia with thousands of office networks. bank bjb has gone through a series of corporate actions and in 2010 Bank BJB's turning point was to expand its wings, where in 2010 the bank finally became the first BPD to carry out an Initial Public Offering (IPO) with BJBR's issuer code stock.

    The bank bjb also rebranded from Bank Jabar Banten to bank bjb which further emphasized that the bank had been national. Not only that, the bank bjb also made a separation from the Sharia Business Unit (UUS) into a Sharia BJB bank which has now succeeded in becoming an independent company. Again, the bank became the first to carry out this spin-off BPD which shows that Bank BJB is the largest and best BPD in Indonesia.

    Not forgetting its commitment as a development agent, the bank continued to support government programs, especially the West Java Government, as controlling shareholders, where the West Java Provincial Government is advised to prioritize the three pro principles namely Profitability, Pro Development, and Pro Poor.

    "The BJB Bank is determined to improve this three principles, which was a positive performance, where the net profit reached Rp1.55 trillion or grew 28.1% year on year (yoy) or above the growth of the banking industry's net profit as of December 2018 which is 10.36% yoy, "he added.

    Pro Development is illustrated by the bank's support for regional and national economic development through financing the infrastructure sector which is targeted at prioritizing prioritizing two sectors. Bank Bjb also prioritizes national scale projects such as toll road construction, new port construction projects, drinking water supply projects and construction projects and irrigation networks located in West Java and Banten. To accelerate this, the bank can collaborate with other regions in the West Java and Banten regions so that the programs can be realized immediately.

    Then, according to the Bank of Indonesia's missions, which is one source of Regional Original Income (PAD), where is the bank's largest PAD-producing BUMD for the City, Regency and West Java and Banten Provinces, furthermore the bank bjb has also the UN-P2 Payment Services, E-Channel Samsat (E-Samsat), Samsat Savings (T-Samsat) with the tagline "Fight Forgot" Motor Vehicle Tax (PKB) that can be done through the system installments or installments and the latest is Samsat J'Bret (West Java Ngabret / Fast Moving).

    And Banten Great Samsat (Sambat) is an innovation to facilitate taxpayers (paying) in paying annual CLA in West Java and Banten, so that WPs can pay annual PKB through office networks (tellers) and electronic networks (ATM, SMS, and Digi bjb) ) ) .JO

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