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    Fuel Price Reduction is Rp 200,-


    BANDUNG-Member of Commission VII of the House of Representatives Iskan Qolba Lubis questioned the government's decision to decrease fuel prices to Rp 200,- by March 30, 2016. This price is addressed for the type of Pertamax, Pertamax Plus, Pertamina DEX, and Pertalite, while Rp 500 for premium and diesel fuel.

    "When the world fuel price is increasing, the governments complain about having to add oil subsidies to the world standards. However, when oil prices was decrease, the government is difficult to lose corresponding the world prices,” Iskan said in a press release received jabarprov.go.id, Wednesday (30/3) night.

    The high price of fuel today, according to Iskan, it’s because three false energy management policy conducted by the government so far.

    First, the imposition of taxes in different areas, forcing fuel prices tend to be high in some areas. "For example, fuel prices in Bali are more expensive than other areas," added Iskan.

    Secondly, the logistics cost inefficient downstream, because it does not directly distributed to consumers. Thirdly, un-integrated the energy management system of oil, gas, and transportation.

    "Management of fuel, gas and transport respectively own way. Not to mention, each have interests that make energy management is getting worse,” said Iskan.

    Besides the above three types of fuel, the government has also announced a price reduction of Premium and diesel fuel at Rp 500. The Government explains the price range for the anticipated surge in world oil prices still rise in the next three months, amounting to USD 40-50.


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