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    Bank BJB Shares on 58th Anniversary


    BANDUNG - The festivity of the 58th anniversary of the bank followed by the coming of the holy month of Ramadan, the bank bjb also presented the bjb Sharing, Ramadan Program with a series of events such as Joint Open and Orphanage and Dhuafa as many as 28,000 packages spread in West Java & Banten.

    Then enlivened by Haji Geyot Stay & Road Show performance, cabaret, traditional contemporary dance, quiz & door prize and the distribution of 1000 takjil spread in various points in the city of Bandung. Furthermore, Bank Bjb Ramadan Village is a cooking competition activity in several locations in Bandung City and Pesantren Kilat for elementary and middle school children.

    The highlight of the event, bank bjb held a gathering and break fasting together with the Bank BJB extended family with a series of events for 1,580 orphans, giving renovation assistance for unfit for habitation (Rutilahu) with beneficiary categories of poor families so that they were worthy of assistance for the realization of a healthy, happy family and prosperous.

    Throughout 2018 the bjb bank has provided Rutilahu assistance as many as 312 units spread throughout West Java & Banten Provinces. Then the bjb bank also provided scholarship assistance to students in the category of poor children from the State Civil Apparatus (ASN) group I at the level of elementary, middle and high school education in the form of Rp. 5,800,000 to 58 children.

    bank bjb also provided assistance in the form of renovation of the Orphanage, one of which was the Muhammadiyah Orphanage and the Al-Hilal Child Care Social Institution (PSAA). Finally, the bank bjb launched a profile book for the success of the built debtors with the title SAHABAT which is expected to be an inspiration for customers and other prospective bank customers. The book tells the success story of entrepreneurs who partnered with bank bjb.

    Where bank bjb does not only help in terms of financing or capital, but also provides assistance and training to its customers continuously through the Integrated Community Economic Empowerment program or PESAT, so that the financing or capital received becomes appropriate and leads to the welfare of MSMEs that leading to success in boosting MSMEs.

    The event was attended by Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum, Deputy Mayor of Bandung Yana Mulyana and a number of other officials at the bjb bank headquarters of Jalan Naripan bandung, Monday Night (05/20/2019).

    M. As'adi Budiman as the Head of the Corporate Secretary Division of Bank BJB said that the BJB will continue to be determined to always improve and maintain the company's performance and always be ready to provide the best service for customers and help build the regional economy, "he said.

    Adi added that along with the development of bank bjb, the intensity of bank bjb relations with the community and their environment was also higher. Various activities were held, not limited to mere business activities, but also balanced with activities that had a positive impact and broad social impact for the community. Jo

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