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    Ridwan Kamil Asked Japan to Help Break Homework Throughout Citarum


    TOKYO - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil revealed a number of his strategic plans in arranging the Citarum Watershed in his meeting with the State Minister of Environment, Japan Tsukasa Akimoto in Tokyo, Monday (5/20/19) local time.

    Emil, the nickname of Governor Ridwan Kamil, said that the problem in Citarum was very complex considering that the watershed passed through more than seven districts / cities. The problem is getting harder because many industries stand there, including housing. "So it needs strategic steps," Emil said.

    Therefore, he plans to move the industry around the river, to an area near Patimban port, Subang, which was built by JICA. "If the industry moves to the Patimban area, we will change the Citarum from an industrial zone to a residential and recreational zone," he said.

    To realize this, he asked the Japanese KLH to help overcome not only pollution, but routine floods that have not been resolved for decades. "Maybe there are experts from Japan who can help overcome extraordinary flooding," Emil said.

    The Japanese Ministry of Environment's Vice Minister for Global Environment Affairs Yasuo Takahashi said that in the arrangement of Citarum it had formed cooperation at various levels ranging from ministries to parliamentary levels with the Indonesian Government.

    "We also expect the leadership of the governor father for the projects to advance each project even though step by step. We also ask for regular opportunities for further cooperation, "he said.

    Japan Appreciates the Progress of Legok Nangka TPPAS

    The Japanese Ministry of Environment (KLH) appreciates the steps of the West Java Provincial Government in building the Legoknangka Waste Management and Processing Site (TPPAS), Bandung Regency.

    Japanese Minister of Environment's Vice Minister for Global Environment Affairs Yasuo Takahashi hopes that cooperation in the field of environment between Japan and Indonesia will be even deeper. "In this regard, we welcomed the PPP project at Legok Nangka which began yesterday," he said at a meeting with West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil in Tokyo on Monday (5/20/19).

    According to him, Japan through the Japan Indonesian Corporate Agency (JICA) has limitations in helping to realize modern and environmentally friendly waste management for 12 cities in West Java. "But we consider the collaboration in Legok Nangka to be very important. We convey the highest appreciation in advancing related projects, "he said.

    Since last year it has sent a consultant in collaboration with JICA for a waste to energy project in West Java. Because of that Takahashi admitted that he was happy to hear the information that the Legok Nangka international auction was planned to open this year. "We also beg for regular opportunities for further cooperation," he said.

    In the same place, Governor Ridwan Kamil said the West Java Provincial Government had a commitment to always prioritize environmental-related innovations. "Therefore waste to energy Legok Jackfruit is an example to succeed. We will make it a standard policy and copy it to other regions in West Java, "said the governor, who is usually called Emil.

    According to him what has been discussed with Japan and then realized concretely at Legok Nangka is a picture of this strong commitment.

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