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    Minister of Agriculture Demanded to Fix Infrastructure in the Harvest Prime


    INDRAMAYU-In the first harvest by Agricultural Minister in Cikedung Lor Village, Indramayu Regional Government asked the central government in this case the agricultural ministry to immediately repair the agriculture infrastructures, such as irrigation canals, reservoirs, and dams.

    Indramayu Regent Hj. Anna Sophanah said this time Indramayu regency relied upon national rice reserves. Target production also continues to be increased every year which is not an easy task given the variety of infrastructure damage.

    "Currently, Indramayu regency targeted to produce as much as 1,783 million tons of grain, this is a hard work for us amid the extensive damage to infrastructure," said Regent Hj. Anna Sophanah in the first harvest location, Cikedung, Wednesday (03/30/2016).

    This target most of West Java. Therefore, in order to achieve this target needs the support of the central government, especially to build irrigation channels, reservoirs and dams.

    Explained, the irrigation channels in Indramayu mostly been damaged. As a result, the water also can not be utilised to the maximum by the farmers. If the central government does not improve the irrigation channels, then the production target will experience problems.

    Buy the Farmer’s Grain

    After finishing the first harvest, Agriculture Minister witnessed the purchase of the farmers’s grain directly. The State Logistics Agency (Bulog) purchases dried grain collection (GKP) of 500 thousand tons at Rp 4,200,- per kilogram. The paddy selling by the farmers is the result of the first harvest of the 2015-2016 cropping season at Cikedung Lor village, Cikedung district, Indramayu.

    Agriculture Minister Amran Sulaiman guarantee, the entire crop of rice farmers will be absorbed by Bulog when the price is below the price set by the government. In addition, the assistance to agriculture in Indramayu is the largest in Indonesian.

    "We've helped to repair some tertiary irrigation channels. We also provide free seeds and no less important is no guarantee the availability of fertiliser, so it is not too late,” said Amran.

    In addition to this assistance, the Ministry of Agriculture is also providing 450 units hand-tractor and others. This is the biggest assistance throughout Indonesia. The Ministry of Agriculture also insure farmers with the agricultural insurance. Farmers do not have to worry about crop failure because it will get the turn.

    Agriculture Minister Andi Amran Sulaiman in 2016 have also poured the assistance of various agricultural tools to farmers in Indramayu District. Special assistance in 2016 are 50 pumping stations, hand-tractor, dams or reservoirs, rice seed, and improvement of irrigation channels.

     "I appreciate the efforts of Indramayu district to meet the target of grain production. Indramayu regency has maximum effort to realise the target. So that we need to support with a variety of assistance,” he said, Wednesday (30/3) at Cikedung.

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