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    A day in Japan, Ridwan Kamil Brings Important Souvenirs to West Java


    TOKYO - West Java Province is currently the world's main concern with its variety of innovations. This is evident from the magnitude of the attention of countries that are the destination of the visit of the Governor of West Java, one of which is Japan.

    On a full day of his trip to Japan on Monday (5/20/19) local time, West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil conducted various important meeting agendas and signed a Letter of Intent (LoI). Tuesday (5/21/19) morning, the Governor was scheduled to return to Indonesia.

    The first agenda was a special meeting with the State Minister of Environment, Japan Tsukasa Akimoto, to discuss Citarum and Resilience Province Blueprint. On the same occasion Emil - Ridwan Kamil's nickname - also met with Director. Land, Infrastructure and Transport Division, Tadahiko Ito, to discuss support for the REBANA area.

    After meeting with the two ministers, Emil met with the President of the Japan International Coordination Agency (JICA) for Digital West Java assistance, the assistance of the WTE Legok Nangka and the development of the port city of Patimban and the toll road that connects the Cipali Toll and Patimban Port.

    The most important agenda in this visit was the signing of a capital assistance collaboration from IFC (International Finance Corporation) to West Java Regional Owned Enterprises (BUMD) to increase business capital in the next 5 years. The plan was born during the signing of a Letter of Intent between the West Java Provincial Government led by West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil and IFC led by the Director of the East Asia Department and Pacific Vivek Pathak in Tokyo, Japan, Monday (20/5/19) time local.

    This collaboration is woven through the consideration that the availability of infrastructure and revitalization of BUMD in West Java in order to increase regional competitiveness and prosperity of the community requires cooperation and collaboration with various parties. "Including international financial institutions that have financial and managerial capacity to realize the BUMD Champion's mission goals," Emil said.

    According to him, this LoI is the first step to form further formal cooperation with the signing of agreements that are technical and operational in accordance with the agreed scope.

    Previously, Governor Ridwan Kamil was also specially invited as a panelist at the United Cities and Local Government: Urban 20 event which was opened by the Governor of Tokyo, Yurike Koike, and supported by IFC, the World Bank Group at the Hilton Hotel, Tokyo. In a panel discussion with Mayor of Bogota Colombia Gregorie Emmanuel, the Governor explained the investment opportunities in West Java.

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