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    PLN Spread the blessings of Ramadan


    BANDUNG - PLN Disjabar provides 250 Million Assistance for Islamic Boarding Schools, Mosques and Disability Foundations in Majalaya and Sumedang

    Simultaneously carried out at the PLN West Java Distribution Unit in the Majalaya and Sumedang regions the delivery of Islamic Boarding School Construction Assistance in the two regions amounted to 250 million rupiah to the fake leg Disability Foundation, MTS new classrooms, new Classrooms for madrasas, Renovation of Islamic Boarding Schools in Soreang and Aid rehabilitation of the Mosque in Banjaran.

    Ramadhan Safari is routinely carried out by this West Java PLN every year, also given Ramadan gifts for Orphans, Teachers and Mosque Marbots in Majalaya, Cianjur and Sumedang. The event was also attended by Sumedang Regent Dony Ahmad Munir and PLN General Manager of West Java UID, Iwan Purwana. Whereas in Majalaya Location the Assistance was handed over by the HR Senior Manager, Hendrizal.

    "Thank you to PLN for working hard to maintain the electricity supply so far, especially when fasting, sahur and breaking the fast so that Sumedang frankly ... high appreciation to PLN ... thanking the CSR assistance through YBM and through the PLN Care program so as to provide contributed to the welfare of the Sumedang people, "said the Regent of Sumedang in his remarks.

    Facing Ramadan and Fasting 1440 Hijri PLN West Java Distrubusi Main Unit ensures reliability during the Holy Month of Ramadan until H + 7 Eid celebrations in 1440 Hijri. PLN UID West Java also increases the reliability of electricity supply to the entire West Java region including: Conducting inspections of electricity networks, alerting personnel, carrying out maintenance of cubicles and busbar 20 kV Substation, maintenance of feeders and preparing backup material.

    For this Ramadhan Alert 1440 H, PLN UID West Java prepared 3017 officers consisting of Yantek officers and standby personnel. Meanwhile for the supporting facilities prepared in the form of; 560 Vehicle Units, 28 Pieces of Generators, 18 Pieces of UPS, 92 Units of Moving Substations and 9 Car Detection Units. PLN has already checked the electricity network in 27 regencies / cities, especially those that supply electricity to 17 regions of the PLN UID West Java.

    In enlivening the atmosphere of Ramadhan and Eid this time, PLN provides a 100% discount for additional House Power Worship and a 50% discount for Household customers. This discount lasts until 30 June 2019. Jo

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