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    The Geological Agency Added Supervisory Officers in Some Active Mountains During Eid Holidays


    BANDUNG - Anticipating the possibility of increasing public or tourist visits to a number of mountains during the Idul Fitri holiday this year, the Geological Agency in particular the Center for Volcanology of Geological Disaster Mitigation (PVMBG) added supervisory officers.

    The Head of PVMBG of the Geological Agency of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Kasbani said that existing supervisory officers who were still on duty would receive additional supervisors from Bandung, between two and 4 people.

    "We anticipate the possibility that more will try to rise, so that increased supervision must be carried out," he explained on Monday (5/20/2019).

    Some of the mountains that are likely to get tourist visits in large numbers are Mount Agung in Bali, Mount Merapi and Bromo on Java. For the mountain there will be an addition of four supervisors.

    "In addition to supervising the visit, officers will also monitor the condition of natural gas which might be poisoned out of the mountain crater. They will continue to work even though Eid, "he explained.

    He hopes that the regional head in the mountain location will act actively by making announcement signs for visitors to be alert and careful, and to follow the direction of the officer.

    In addition, the Geology Agency has also provided landslide-prone maps and landslide prone roads to the regional head especially in the homecoming route. jo

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