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    Village Chief Relieved, the Village Fund Not Removed


    BANDUNG-Chairman of the Kuwu-Cirebon Forum Communications (FKKC) H Carkim was out of the meeting room at the Pakuan State House with a smile. The Governor’s assistance in the form of funds for rural infrastructure is not removed.
    "Thank God, after meeting with the governor, everything has been so clear, the village fund will not be removed. We should be grateful to the governor. This silahturahmi be a blessing for us all,” said Carkim meet colleagues who gathered in the Pakuan on Wednesday (30/03/16).
    Carkim later explained that the village funds will be disbursed in two stages. In the Budget Amendment 2016 allocated Rp 50 million per village, and in 2017 amounted to Rp 150 million per village.
    "It usually the Rp 100 million per year, in 2017 rounded up to be Rp 150 million, and for this year only Rp 50 million," said Kuwu Bungko, Kapetakan District.
    Carkim claiming relief and appreciate the governor's policy. Although the budget is sucked to the needs of the PON, but it still allocate funds for rural development. "Hopefully West Java regional budget revenues increase, so that funds for the projects can also be added," said Carkim echoed his fellow heads of village.
    Rusmini, Kuwu Panongan District of Palimanan, adding that the village leaders came to the governor's office was not a demonstration. “It’s not right that if there was a demonstration, we as government officials want to moan to the governor as the head of the village. We desperately need that village funds and Alhamdulillah governors understand,” he said.
    The village head of Cirebon uses eight buses. "About 320 people participate in," said Rusmini. A total of 10 of them had the opportunity to directly face to face conveying their problems, before the governor finally met all the heads of the village.
    Seeing the governor out of the meeting room, the village chiefs scramble to greet and ask for a photograph. "Thank you, thank you Mr. Aher for receiving our aspirations," they said when shaking hands.
    "Fellow village heads, thank you to understand the condition of our budget. We want to be successful in the PON and villages still develop. The best way is we could do with a disbursement scheme as described earlier with Mr. Chairman of FKKC, Rp 50 million in 2016 and Rp 150 million in 2017,” said West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan.
    Aher hopes that the silahturahmi with the village leaders remain intertwined. Aher also urges that all village heads become actively success of West Java. "Because of the success indicators of PON is that we can improve the local economy. So the impact of economic empowerment can get to the village. To the head of the village I hope to actively role in supporting PON,” he explained.


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