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    E-Samsat is A Form of West Java Regional Government Innovation


    BANDUNG - The Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) of West Java continues to develop a system of government along with the rapid advancement of technology. The Electronic Application of Samsat (E-Samsat) is one of the evidences.

    According to West Java Regional Secretary Iwa Karniwa, E-Samsat not only facilitated the public in paying Vehicle Registration Numbers (STNK), but also increased regional income, and eroded the number of illegal levies.

    "Also the impact of the implementation of E-Samsat has been a significant increase. Original Regional Revenues (PAD) which were originally 9 trillion to 14 trillion, increased by 5 trillion, "he said in the West Java Regional Police Chief Silaturahim with Samsat Development Team and Handover of Utilization of Gatur Kipas (Kiaracondong - Bypass) Post in the Bapenda Office in West Java, Saturday (18 / 5/19).

    Iwa Karniwa said, the process of paying motor vehicle taxes was getting easier, more convenient and faster, through E-Samsat. People just need to use smartphones and transact via banks (who have collaborated) or via Fintech (Financial Technology).

    West Java Regional Police Chief Insp. Gen. Rudy Sufahriadi agrees with what was revealed by Iwa Karniwa. According to Rudy Sufahriadi, E-Samsat needs to be maintained and improved because it can reduce corruption.

    "And this is what is expected by the community, increasing regional opinion and clean our work environment," he said.

    On the same occasion, Iwa Karniwa stated that the West Java Provincial Government fully supported the West Java Regional Police to increase security in the Pasundan Land jurisdiction. One form of support is the construction of the Kiaracondong-By Pass Cross Gatur Post.

    Iwa Karniwa hopes that the existence of the Gatur Post can help members of the police in serving the community. The goal is of course so that people feel safe and comfortable when driving.

    The Head of the West Java Provincial Revenue Hening Widiatmoko explained that the Gatur Post was built in FY 2018 with the West Java Provincial Budget

    "The width of 18 m2 is equipped with supporting facilities for 5 seats, 1 AC unit, 1 Smart TV unit, 1 dispenser unit, toilet and trellis. Hopefully this will provide comfort and security for the members of the National Police in carrying out their duties, "he said.

    Meanwhile, Rudy Sufahriadi positively welcomed the presence of Gatur Post. He even called it an innovation of Bapenda West Java and West Java Regional Traffic Police to curb traffic and maintain the comfort of the community.

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