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    Tectonic Earthquake 5.9 Magnitude Shakes Pangandaran Regency


    BANDUNG - On Saturday, May 18, 2019, at 08.51.30 WIB, the region of the South Indian Ocean of Java was rocked by a tectonic earthquake. The BMKG analysis results showed that the initial information on this earthquake was M = 5.9 which was then updated to M = 5.6.

    The earthquake epicenter is located at 9.63 LS and 108.51 BT coordinates, or precisely located at sea at a distance of 212 km south of Pangandaran District, West Java Province at a depth of 33 km.

    This southern earthquake in Java-Bali-Nusa Tenggara, taking into account the location of the epicenter and the depth of the hypocenter, it appears that the shallow-depth earthquake was caused by the subduction activity of the Indo-Australian Plate which infiltrated beneath the Eurasian Plate.

    The results of the analysis of the source mechanism indicate that this earthquake was generated by rock deformation with the mechanism of movement of the type of normal fault.

    These earthquake shocks are reported to be felt in the Pangandaran, Tasikmalaya, Cilacap, Banyumas, Karangkates, Blitar, Tulungagung and Kediri II-III regions of MMI, in Banjarnegara, Kebumen, Bantul and Solo II MMI.

    Until now there have been no reports of the damage caused by the earthquake. The modeling results show that the earthquake did not have the potential for a tsunami.

    "Until 09.25 WIB, BMKG monitoring results showed aftershock activity. The community was encouraged to remain calm and not be affected by issues that could not be justified," BMKG Head of Earthquake and Tsunami Center Rahnat Triyono said in a press release. Saturday.

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