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    The Governor Inaugurated West Java Forsesdasi Commissariat


    BANDUNG - West Java Forsesdasi Commissariat now has a new management. The inauguration of the new management of the Indonesian Regional Secretary Forum West Java commissariat was held at Gedung Sate by the Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil, witnessed by the Secretary General of the Central Forsesdasi who was also the Secretary of West Java Iwa Karniwa. In his remarks, West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil again reminded about the form of government.

    "There are three types, namely the old-style government, the primitive issue that still considers everything related to development is the duty of the government alone. The second is the government that only carries out the rules, there is no innovation. The third is a dynamic government. open "said Ridwan Kamil.

    At present according to him, West Java and other regions still adhere to the second so that it is difficult to progress, especially to accelerate.

    "So in my day, we will do important jumps to catch up. Please understand the regional secretaries in West Java. If you don't take important steps or jumps, then we will be like this," he said.

    The governor also mentioned the cooperation between the government and third parties or the private sector to accelerate.

    "If everything is for me, the government will be difficult, so we have the theory of pentha helix, ABCGM, academics, business or businessmen, community, government and media. If these five join hands, God willing, it will be possible to take tea," he concluded. (Even)

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