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    Ulama - Umaro Together Caring for West Java


    BANDUNG CITY- Governor Ridwan Kamil held a gathering with the prominent ulama of West Java. The event, which was assembled with Breakfasting together took place in Pakuan Building, Otto Iskandardinata Street No. 1, Bandung, Friday (05/17/19).

    In his remarks, the Governor who was familiarly called Emil explained a number of developments in West Java for eight months under his leadership with Deputy Governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum.

    According to him, many programs have been rolled out by the Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) of West Java, especially programs related to the development of spirituality or the mind, in accordance with the vision of West Java Born and Inner Champion.

    "I want to report on the current development situation in West Java until May. I say 90 percent of the news is good, "Emil said.

    He took the example that West Java is now a destination for many foreign investors. Last year, West Java succeeded in becoming a province with the largest investment in the country which reached Rp162 trillion.

    Emil admitted that he was interviewed today by one of the media which became an international media reference. The reporter from the media said that every time they went to various countries or met with ambassadors of friendly countries, when they talked about Indonesia they were always enthusiastic about establishing relations with West Java.

    "What is the result of that? Sustenance falls a lot, last year (investment) Rp. 162 trillion. From 23 countries, they want to prosper West Java, "he said.

    Emil also explained a number of spirituality programs that have succeeded in spawning scholars who are ready to promote peaceful Islam throughout the world. Emil said, the first wave of English language training programs for religious leaders or the "English for Ulama" program succeeded in producing cadres of West Javanese scholars.

    "So in two or three months we prepared them to preach to Europe. This is a new step of propaganda from West Java, maybe not in other provinces, because we are facilitating and we are choosing topics (preaching), "Emil said.

    "Well, we need input (material) about if later these scholars go to Europe what material will be told to the community there, but we want to tell you if you want to see Islam that is rahmatan lil'alamin, which is conducive, peaceful , please go to West Java, "he continued.

    Emil also stressed the importance of collaboration between ulama and umaro in maintaining the conduciveness and harmony of the people. Emil said, do not let the fate of the NKRI become a divided country. One of the blessings that must be grateful for is the blessing of nation and state, which is not necessarily felt by all countries in the world.

    In line with Emil, Chairman of the West Java Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), Rachmat Syafei, also invited scholars in West Java to be involved in keeping people in harmony. According to Syafei, with his charisma and religious knowledge, the scholars are believed to be able to invite the people to remain harmonious and peaceful.

    "Establish our duties according to each function. Earlier it was requested that the clerics, the ulamas, the ustaz with all their charismatics be requested to maintain this harmony. Spread harmony, connect affection and evening prayers while people are sleeping. This is our chance in this fasting month, "he said.

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