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    West Java's Foreign Trade Is Always Surplus


    BANDUNG - West Java trade balance in March 2019 experienced a surplus in terms of value of USD 1.61 billion, which was supported by a surplus of non-oil and gas commodities of USD 1.63 billion while the oil and gas commodity was a deficit of USD 21.22 million.

    In terms of foreign trade volume, in March 2019 a surplus of 412.31 thousand tons occurred, which was contributed by the non-oil and gas commodity surplus of 430.55 thousand tons while the oil and gas commodity volume was a deficit of 18.23 thousand tons.

    Viewed from Non-Oil and Gas trade transactions with 14 major trading partner countries, in the period of March 2019, West Java experienced a trade balance deficit with three (3) countries valued at USD 170.45 million. Which comes from transactions with China, South Korea and Taiwan. Each deficit amounted to USD 130.86 million, USD 30.00 million and USD 9.59 million. Whereas Non-Oil and Gas trade with other major countries shows a surplus.

    West Java's Central Statistics Agency (BPS) said West Java's exports in West Java reached USD 2.49 billion, up 7.56 percent compared to February 2019. March 2019 Non Oil and Gas Exports reached USD 2.46 billion, up 7.04 percent compared to last month . While oil and gas exports rose 78.16 percent, to USD 30.35 million.

    "The largest market share of West Java Non-Oil and Gas exports in 2019 was dominated by the United States, Japan and Thailand, each valued at USD 421.16 million (17.28 percent), USD 256.10 million (10.81 percent) and USD 173.30 million (7.96 percent) with the role of the three reaching 34.59 percent, "said Head of West Java BPS Dody Herlando.

    Own import in March 2019 was recorded at USD 0.88 billion, up 15.51 percent compared to February 2019. On a year-on-year basis, the import value of West Java was lower by 3.60 percent. Oil and gas fell 42.02 percent, while non-oil and gas rose 0.55 percent.

    The largest non-oil and gas imports in West Java in March 2019 came from China worth USD 262.70 million, South Korea valued at USD 126.47 million, and Japan valued at USD 112.00 million. With the role of the three reaching 60.57 percent of the total import value of Non Oil and Gas. jo

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