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    Reactivation of the Cibatu Garut Train Continues to Be Speeded


    BANDUNG - Land acquisition for reactivating the Garut-Cibatu Railway is estimated to have reached 90 percent. So it is estimated that the reactivation plan will be on target.

    "Next year, Isa has been operated, hopefully according to the target," said the Executive Vice President of PT KAI Daop Dua Bandung Saridal, Tuesday (5/14).

    He believes that after the Idul Fitri the entire Land will be released. If the land is completed, the construction of the track construction can already be done.

    If construction begins in June, it is estimated that December has been completed. Thus the train trip can be done up to Cibatu.

    Regarding tariffs, Saridal said that he wanted the Yaris to be as cheap as possible. Even if you can use the subsidized tariff or PSO.

    "Bandung Cicalengka is only around Rp. 5,000, so I think it's just Rp. 8,000," he said. Jo

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