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    KPPU is Investigating the Causes of the Price of Airline Tickets


    BANDUNG - KPPU's Business Competition Supervisory Commission is investigating the causes of the high price of airplane tickets recently which are troubling the public using aviation transportation. In Bandung, the head of the KPU Central KPU, Toha, confirmed that his party had summoned all airlines.

    "Already, we have called all the airlines in us, we have investigated all of them, but there are still no results. Hopefully, in the near future there will be results and we will be directed to the media," Kurnia said.

    Kurnia admitted that the price of airplane tickets is currently too high, so many people switch to other modes.

    "Yes, even if it is in accordance with the rules, for example, but still the current price is too high so that it is burdensome" he said.

    The KPPU hopes that the Ministry of Transportation's plan to reduce the tariff on the upper limit of the aircraft will soon be realized, because it will be the limit for airlines to apply their ticket prices. (Even)

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