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    Governor Suggested Building Tegalluar Railway - Kertajati


    BANDUNG (05/15/2019) - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil proposed that a Railway (KA) be built from the Fast Train Station in Tegaluar Regency Bandung to Kertajati Airport in Majalengka. This was revealed by Ridwan Kamil before the Minister of SOEs when attending the inauguration of the completion of the construction of a fast tunnel or tunnel train at Walini on Monday.

    "The distance from Tegalluar to the campus is only 60 kilos, so I think it will be very easy to realize, supported by the Cisumdawu toll road. Then the railway line will only follow the edge of the toll road, no more land," said Kang Emil, familiar Governor of West Java.

    According to him, if the railway line is realized from moving to train or from Bandung to neighboring by using train mode, then the airport will be believed to be very crowded.

    "Later there will be a toll road, there will also be a railway line, so I believe the airport will quickly develop with the ease of access to land transportation" explained the Governor.

    According to Ridwan Kamil, the line connectivity system that will be implemented in West Java between the center of Bandung, the Jakarta Bandung fast train station, Patimban port in Subang and Kertajati Airport, could be a model for building connectivity in Indonesia. (Even)

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