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    West Java Deputy Governor Appointed 2,512 CEOs of BUMDes


    BANDUNG - Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum inaugurated 2,512 CEOs of Village-Owned Enterprises (BUMDes) at Sasana Budaya Ganesha Bandung, Wednesday (05/15/2019). The presence of the CEO of BUMDes is expected to boost the scale of business that has an impact on the village economy in a sustainable manner.

    According to Uu Ruzhanul, the recruitment of CEOs of BUMDes is based on professionalism. The CEO of BUMDes itself is part of the One Village One Company (OVOC) program which aims to develop BUMDes with a foundation of characteristics and needs.

    "The strategy that we are trying to develop in BUMDes by CEOs is through capital participation, capacity building, mentorship and market plan. Hopefully, the number of BUMDes, turnover, and access to marketing will increase," he said.

    At present, more than 60 percent of West Java BUMDes are engaged in trade and services. Then, around 12 percent in the agricultural sector and 3 percent in the tourism sector. Therefore, the existence of the CEO of BUMDes is needed so that the potential in each region arises.

    "The CEO must be a drafter for managing BUMDes," said Uu Ruzhanul.

    Uu Ruzhanul explained that there are three pillars being built by the West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) in order to create Champion Village. First, digitizing basic village services.

    The pillar, said Uu Ruzhanul, included the program 1 Village 1 Hafidz, Non Cash Siskeudes, Village Built by Universities, Patriot Digital Village, Teachcast, Sapa Warga (1 RW 1 HP), WA Village Groups, E-Commerce Villages, Internet Entering Villages , and Love Suitcase.

    Then, the next pillar was named One Village One Company (OVOC) which included the BUMDes Holding program, Village Market Revitalization, Tourism Village, Mesra Credit, 1 Village 2 BUMDes, BUMDes Champion, School CEO, CEO of BUMDes, and Appropriate Technology Champion.

    The final pillar is the Village Building Movement (Gate Desa) with the Place of Civilization Mosque program, Seamless Village Road, Sanitation, Village Hanging Bridge, Caang Listrik Village, Champion Posyandu, Champion Village Hall, Mascara Car, Vocational School Enter Village, and Independent Village Improvement.

    Therefore, Uu Ruzhanul said that synergy was needed to realize all programs. The goal, so that village problems can be overcome. "Continuous efforts and synergies are needed so that the programs we carry out are able to overcome problems in the village," he said.

    The Director General of Rural Area Development of the Ministry of Village, Development of Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration, Harlina Sulistyorini, appreciated the existence of the CEO of BUMDes. According to him, the companion is indeed needed to manage the village potential to the fullest.

    "This program is very strategic for village facilitators to gain knowledge. One of West Java's visions is also innovation and collaboration. I see that many BUMDes have been formed and CEOs who have been inaugurated oversee the BUMDes," he said.

    Harlina also asked the CEO of BUMDes to collaborate with surrounding areas that do not have BUMDes. "Why do I offer it because with collaboration between villages, of course the economies of scale will be greater and there will be potential cooperation with outside parties," he said.

    After the inauguration of the CEO of BUMDes, the West Java Provincial Government held a Village Community Development and Empowerment Program (P3MD) Coordination Meeting and at the same time signed an agreement with PT Astra and BUMDes Banjaran and Majalengka Villages.

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