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    Now KPPU Has Regional Offices in West Java


    BANDUNG - Business Competition Supervisory Commission, KPPU now has a representative office in West Java called the regional representative office III. Regional Office KPPU III oversees 3 provinces, namely West Java, DKI and Banten. In remarks on the inauguration of Regional Commission KPPU office in Bandung, Tuesday (05/14/2019), West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil welcomed the establishment of the KPPU's representative office in West Java.

    "I welcome and at the same time thank the KPPU for choosing Bandung as a place of office representing two other provinces, DKI and Banten," he said.

    In addition, the Governor also hopes that with the presence of KPPU in the regions, it can present a healthy business competition climate.

    "Hopefully, of course, with the KPPU's representative office, there will be a healthy business competition climate that does not defeat each other but instead increases the quality of each," hoped the Governor.

    The office used by KPPU region III is the former West Java BPPT office which is an asset belonging to the Provincial Government on Jl. PHH Mustafa City of Bandung.

    "As a form of support for KPPU, I invite the West Java provincial government building to be used, so that the business competition climate in West Java in particular can really be monitored," he said.

    Present at the inauguration of Regional III KPPU office, Chairman of KPPU Kurnia Toha, government representatives 2 Banten Province and DKI and several business representatives. (Even)

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