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    Post-Election, West Java Remains Conducive


    BANDUNG CITY- West Java Regional Secretary Iwa Karniwa ensured the West Java situation was conducive after the 2019 Election. Likewise with the plenary meeting of the recapitulation of the West Java General Election Commission (KPU) vote count.

    "Alhamdulillah for West Java until this morning, a report from the KPU that the calculation for 27 districts / cities has been completed, including the event news has been completed, and is in the process of sending it to the central KPU. "The situation at the time of the plenary meeting was conducive," he said when met in the city of Bandung, Tuesday (05/14/19).

    Therefore, Iwa Karniwa appealed to the entire West Java community to continue to maintain conducivity and avoid provocative pitches. According to him, a safe atmosphere must be maintained until the official announcement from the KPU RI.

    If conducivity is maintained, said Iwa Karniwa, the development process in West Java will not be disturbed.

    "To all the people of West Java, to keep it conducive and do not follow invitations that do not make it conducive in West Java. Post-determination is also expected to remain conducive and the development process has no interference from anywhere, "he said.

    Iwa said that the West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) is ready to mobilize the Satpol PP and the National and Political Unity Agency (Kesbangpol) to maintain conducivity. In addition, the police along with the TNI are also on standby.

    "Anticipation has been done both by the National Police backing up the TNI, as well as by the provincial government with existing units to the bottom, both the Satpol PP, Kesbangpol, we also work together, and some elements that mostly require conditions that conducive, "he concluded.

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