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    BIJB Kertajati, Strategic Infrastructure of Majalengka Regency


    MAJALENGKA - Majalengka Regency has great potential and excellence because it is part of the Tambourine Golden Triangle. This was stated by Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum in Safari Ramadhan 1440H / 2019 at the Al Imam Great Mosque, Majalengka Regency, Tuesday (05/14/19).

    According to Uu Ruzhanul, West Java International Airport (BIJB) Kertajati is one of the strategic infrastructures owned by Majalengka Regency. Therefore, he invited the local government to collaborate to accelerate development, so that the potential in Majalengka emerged.

    "We also encourage regional heads to make innovations through digital technology or others in their government activities, if not done we will be crushed by time and will be out of date," he said.

    Uu Ruzhanul also said that Safari Ramadhan is one of the means to strengthen friendship and build communication between the Provincial Government of West Java and the Majalengka Regional Government.

    "This friendship is important, because friendship can build emotional communication and relationships," he said.

    On the same occasion, the West Java Provincial Government via the West Java National Amil Zakat Agency (Baznas) provided compensation to orphans in the amount of Rp. 12.5 million, 10 students from the salafiyah boarding school were Rp. 5 million, and DKM Al Iman Grand Mosque Kab. Majalengka Rp. 2.5 million.

    Meanwhile, Regent of Majalengka Karna Sobahi expressed his gratitude to provincial government and West Java Baznas for their compensation. In addition, Karna Sobahi also appealed to the public to participate in maintaining security conducivity.

    "There is no sound of firecrackers in Majalengka. This is because of the alertness of the TNI and Police in securing Ramadhan, so that they can provide comfort in worship in this holy month," he said.

    Deputy Governor of West Java Review Islamic Center Majalengka

    Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum reviewed the Majalengka Islamic Center located on Siti Armilah Street, Majalengka Kulon, Majalengka Regency, on the sidelines of Safari Ramadhan 1440 H / 2019 on Tuesday (05/14/2019).

    The Islamic Center was offered by the Regional Government of Majalengka to become a hajj boarding house for embarkation of West Java International Airport (BIJB) Kertajati.

    The location of Majalengka Islamic Center is quite strategic because it is close to the hotel. If accumulated, rooms available at Majalengka Islamic Center and hotels in the vicinity reach 136 rooms. Not to mention the large hall that can accommodate up to 1,000 people.

    Later, the pilgrims were placed at the Majalengka Islamic Center, while the pilgrims would stay at the hotel around.

    Uu Ruzhanul also considered that the security around Majalengka Islamic Center was good. Even so, the West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) will hold a meeting to discuss the hajj dormitory for BIJB Kertajati's embarkation.

    Meanwhile, Majalengka Regent Karna Sobahi said that the distance from the Majalengka Islamic Center to BIJB Kertajati was not too far away.

    "At most 20 minutes (travel time from the Majalengka Islamic Center to Kertajati Airport)," he said.

    In addition, said Karna Sobahi, his party has provided 9.5 hectares of land so that the hajj embarkation dormitory of BIJB Kertajati will be built in Majalengka.

    "There is a government land of 9.5 hectares and the distance is only 1.5 kilometers (to Kertajati Airport)," he continued.

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