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    The Provincial Government Discussed the Problem of Proposals for Increasing the Pocket Money of Board Members


    BANDUNG — The proposal of the West Java Parliamentn (DPRD) so that the components of official travel allowances have increased starting to be discussed by the West Java Provincial Government. West Java Regional Secretary Iwa Karniwa said the West Java DPRD some time ago had submitted the proposal formally and then followed up with the relevant departmental meeting.

    "We have already closed this. In terms of regulations and some [examples] of provinces such as Bangka Belitung and Riau, the submissions from their position councils are still relatively reasonable categories still below several provinces, "he said in Bandung, Monday (05/13/2019).

    The results of the meeting decided that there should be no administrative problems; they submitted the proposal to the Ministry of Home Affairs Cq the Directorate General of Regional Financial Development for approval.

    "If there is a reply later from the Ministry of Home Affairs, we will immediately respond and that will not only be a problem for the DPRD but how will the other ASN be adjusted because it is integrated so that there is no discrimination. The numbers are still in the fair category, "he said.

    Iwa admitted that she did not memorize exactly the number and percentage of the increase because there was no guidance from the Ministry of Home Affairs. But he admitted that this increase was related to adjustments to a number of components of official travel.

    "The numbers don't memorize because there are many items. Like taking a long distance flight, near, there is a count, "he said.

    He gave an example of official travel staying at the hotel using the add cost system where the amount of accommodation is paid for what is being replaced. "That's not a problem, but what was discussed was a proposal related to pocket money. Again this is only a proposal, "he said. (Even)

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