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    Bubos 2019, Simultaneously May 25 in 27 Regencies / Cities


    BANDUNG CITY- West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) will hold Open On The Street (Bubos) simultaneously in 27 districts / cities on Saturday (05/25/19).

    Bubos 2019 in Bandung City is planned to be held on the front yard of Gedung Sate and half of Diponegoro Street, and will be followed by all regions in West Java.

    No less than 10,000 people from the state civil apparatus (ASN) in the West Java Provincial Government, orphans, poor people, veterans, elderly people, people with disabilities, communities, other elements of society and Forkominda, are planned to be involved.

    The Chairperson of the TP PKK West Java Province Atalia Praratya Kamil revealed, Bubos was the first time involving 27 districts / cities throughout West Java. The previous year Bubos was only conducted in Bandung City. According to him, this Bubos target is to explore the beautiful meaning of sharing.

    "The target is togetherness. In addition, there is a form that we share is important. We hope that in the future this hopefully can be an opportunity to stay together and continue to be established," said Atalia in the 26th West Java Information (Japri) in Gedung Sate, Jalan Diponegoro, Bandung City, Monday (05/13/19).

    Bubos 2019 takes the theme "Togetherness in Sincerity. The concept of the Bubos program is botram, the residents who come participate in bringing their own food and containers, as well as cleaning up used food items as well.

    Atalia added, the Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil would greet the heads of the city / regency and its citizens who held Bubos in their respective places through video conferencing.

    "God willing, there will be 27 cities / districts that simultaneously carry out Open On The Street (Bubos), which is connected to video conferencing which God willing makes an inseparable link," he said.

    The plan, Bubos 2019, which will start at 15.30 WIB, will also be filled by tausyiah from the field office, as well as the final Quran call, pilgrimage and tadarus contest with Ustadz Aam Amiruddin. In addition there is also a fashion show presented by Shafira.

    Togetherness will not only be felt by those present directly in Gedung Sate, Bandung, but also by the poor in other regency cities in West Java. The West Java Provincial Government cooperates with Gojek, sending food to underprivileged residents in the cities / districts simultaneously on May 25 to their homes.

    "We are also cooperating with Gojek, which God willing, at the same time there will be a GoFood service that directly comes to the areas of West Java to provide compensation in the form of breaking fast on duafa," Atalia added.

    "For the pre-welfare home point, it will be determined by the local regency city government," he concluded. (*)

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