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    Building Closeness with the Community via Safari Ramadhan


    SUKABUMI CITY- Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum called Safari Ramadhan 1440H / 2019 as a means to establish togetherness and closeness with the community. He along with his staff went around all regencies / cities in West Java.
    "The purpose of Safari Ramadan is friendship and building togetherness between the Regional Government of West Java Province and Regency / City Government, along with the community," he said at the Sukabumi City Great Mosque on Monday (05/13/2019).
    In addition, Safari Ramadhan is in harmony with the vision and mission of West Java Inner Born Champion who touches on the religious aspects while continuing to carry out physical development. Because, said Uu Ruzhanul, physical and spiritual aspects must be built in balance with infrastructure development.
    Therefore, Uu Ruzhanul invited the public to participate in the success of a number of publicity programs, such as Subuh Berjamaah, Magrib Mengaji, English for Ulama, Digital Zakat, One Pasantren One Product, and Digital Da'wah.
    The former Regent of Tasikmalaya was optimistic that West Java Inner Birth Champion could be realized. Moreover, the community collaborates and presents various innovations that have high competitiveness.
    "Through these programs, it is expected to bring West Javanese citizens in balance between knowledge, faith, morals and health," he said.
    "So that the goal of realizing the West Java nation of Born and Born Champion with Innovation and Collaboration will be achieved," he continued.
    Previously, Uu Ruzhanul said that collaboration is the key to bringing harmonious synergy. That way, the West Java Provincial Government can realize the planned development, so that the welfare of the people of West Java increases.
    "All must be collaborative, and innovate for physical and spiritual progress," he said.

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