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    Assisting Palestine, Atalia Kamil Auctioned Off Her Favorite Silk Dress


    BANDUNG CITY - As a form of support for the struggle of the Palestinian people, Chairman of the West Java Province Family Welfare Driving Team (TP PKK) Atalia Pararatya Kamil auctioned off her favorite clothes and then the money was donated to them.

    The brown dress made of silk and decorated with stone sequins auctioned by Atalia was the work of Tuty Adib who was the designer of the Republic of Indonesia Presidential Palace. The auction for the shirt was opened at a price of Rp1 million and finally closed at a price of Rp.35 million. The auction results will be donated as a waqf fund for the Sheikh Ajlin Mosque (Abu Jehad) in Gaza, Palestine which was destroyed by Israeli military aggression in 2014.

    Atalia hopes that what she does can inspire others to be more caring, not only to the brothers in Palestine but all the people around.

    "Today I auctioned off my favorite clothes because the one offered is the best, so I auctioned off the best. This is to show what we do can be an example for others. That we do other people must feel the benefits," Atalia said after Sheikh Ajlin Mosque Waqf Funding event, Gaza Palestine at Four Point Bandung, Saturday (11/5/19) night.

    Atalia can feel the suffering of Palestinians for the aggression carried out by the Israeli army. "Her feelings were extraordinary, wanting to hold back tears. Chest roared because I saw the fate of our friends who lived in Palestine. While we here could break the fast together, be able to stay in touch, get tarawih together. Whereas they could not "Even they don't have mosques," she said.

    On that occasion also, Atalia became the winner of the auction of photos of the Al Aqsa Mosque Complex with the highest bid of IDR 22.5 million. It is planned that the painting will be on display at the Pakuan Building Mosque with the aim that every worshiper who comes to remember the struggle and pray for the brothers in Gaza, Palestine.

    Atalia admitted, there was one sentence from the Prophet that had always been remembered as a reflection of life. "Help others, then God will help you. Lighten the burden of others, then Allah will ease your burden. Forgive others, then Allah will forgive you. Love others, then Allah will love you," she said.

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