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    Launching in the month of Ramadan, the Governor Hopes for Blessings for Persib


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil was present at the launch of the Persib Bandung team and jersey which will cover the 1st League in 2019, at Savoy Homan Hotel Bandung, Saturday (11/05/19). League 1 itself will be held starting on May 15, 2019 and Persib will start its inaugural match on May 18, 2019 against Persipura.

    The governor who gave a speech at the launch of the Maung Bandung team expressed optimism this year Persib will be able to achieve and repeat success in 2014. According to him, the team made by new coach Robert Rene Albert is inhabited by quality players and evenly distributed on every line.

    "I was still the Mayor (Bandung) of the best memory of the champions in 2014. We pray that our beloved team will be given the chance to win again this year," said Emil, the Governor's greeting.

    What is special, according to Emil, launching Persib this time was held in the month of Ramadan. He also hopes to get a blessing for Persib while navigating the league.

    "Hopefully blessing will be launched during Ramadan," he said.

    As bobotoh, Emil also sent a message to management so as not to change the composition of the team that he thinks Persib players are currently the wining team.

    "I entrusted to Persib as a bobotoh if I have won a team like this, don't change it so much, hopefully the 2019 team is the formula of the wining team, later if God gives the fate of the" omat "champion, don't change the composition," he said

    Apart from that, Emil also appreciated the National Police Anti-Mafia Bola Task Force which had succeeded in eradicating the ball mafia. He hopes that this year Indonesian football will be more qualified, fairplay and clean from the soccer mafia.

    "I am very happy that the ball mafia is now being eradicated. Thank you to the Police, not to win the winner because of cheating, sports must be fairplay," he said.

    At this launch, Persib introduced 30 players. There are four types of Jersey that will be worn by the players namely jersey home, away, third jersey and jersey training. From the jersey pattern and color, it's not much different from the 2018 jersey, but this time the collar on the jersey is yellow.

    In addition, sponsor logos fulfill almost all parts of the jersey. As a big team, Persib does have a strong magnet to attract sponsors.

    According to Persib's Chief Commissioner, Zainuri Hasyim, there are 18 companies that have officially sponsored Persib. "Some of them are old sponsors and some are new too," he said.

    Preparation for Persib for this year's league is quite long. Management is also quite free to hunt players and coaches according to the expected criteria. Zainuri is optimistic, Persib will achieve high achievements this year.

    "We have done quite a long preparation, hopefully the results of Persib will speak a lot in the league this year," he said.

    The launch of Persib this time was held quite simply, only in the hotel ballroom with limited invitations. Bobotoh could not watch it directly, only bobotoh representatives could enter. This looks different from the previous years where launching was always lively and held in open fields with thousands of bobotoh attending.

    "The launching this time is simple but does not reduce the value and core of the event," Zainuri said.

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