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    The Office Guarantees Safe and Comfortable Provincial Roads Passed by Homecomers


    BANDUNG - Regional Government of West Java Province through the Provincial Office of Highways and Spatial Planning. West Java currently continues to boost maintenance in all roads that become its authority, especially in an effort to provide services to travelers who will cross the West Java region.

    According to the Head of the West Java Provincial Office of Highways and Spatial Planning, Koswara, road maintenance continues until H-3 before Eid. "Almost all of the homecoming routes from the north and south we maintain to provide comfort to travelers," he said when met at the State Building Pakuan, Bandung, Friday (10/5/19).

    In addition to maintenance, it also set up a number of posts on road segments that are prone to disasters. So, if things happen that are not desirable, they are immediately solved to avoid congestion. "In each post there are heavy equipment and officers on standby," he said.

    According to Koswara, his party guarantees the condition and quality of roads that are the authority of the West Java Provincial Government, will be safe and comfortable for the travelers. "If the province is relatively good, the stabilization is 90 percent more and we will continue to maintain it," he said.

    He also said, there was no new route used for the flow of homecoming this year, especially the route that became his authority. "Still using the old route, both in the northern, central and southern lines," he said. (Even)

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