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    NS Link TOL Development Plan Declared


    BANDUNG - West Java Regional Secretary Iwa Karniwa ensured that the North South Link (NS Link) toll road development plan was delayed considering there was no certainty about the schedule from the Center.

    Iwa said the withdrawal of the schedule was also related to planning maturation. Because of that the decision to postpone the schedule was considered right.

    "So that the withdrawal is relatively more opportunity for the initiator to open steps for technical and administrative preparation," he said in the Pakuan Building, Bandung, Friday (05/10/2019).

    But his party argues in principle that the West Java Provincial Government and the City Government of Bandung are ready from the side of authority to facilitate the process of constructing the connected toll road from Pasir Koja to the Cicaheum.

    When asked when the declaration plan was resigned, Iwa claimed his party was in a waiting position. Because technically, the 3 kilometer development plan for the I Pasir Koja-Soekarno Hatta section has been running.

    "We are waiting, for the technical process to continue, the declaration is waiting for the authorities," he said.

    According to him the declaration of development is certain to involve the Central Government in this case the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing. In addition to the schedule, the Regional Secretary also ensured there were no 14-kilometer toll road changes. "Right now it's still fixed but later it will be adjusted to the conditions," he said. (Even)

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