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    Len Achieved Great Profits Throughout 2018


    JAKARTA - A total of six (6) National Defense and Hightech Industry (NDHI) SOEs clusters have held a General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS) for 2018. PT Len Industri (Persero) achieved the largest revenue from the six SOEs.

    Six red plate companies of NDHI members are Len Industri (Persero), PT Dirgantara Indonesia (Persero), PT Pindad (Persero), PT Dahana (Persero), PT INTI (Persero), and PT Nuklir Indonesia (Persero).

    The 2018 Book Year GMS was chaired by Deputy for Strategic Industry and Media Mining (PISM), Fajar Hary Sampurno on Friday, May 10, 2019, at Wisma Antara Building, Jakarta. Fajar said that the performance of the 2018 member of the NDHI BUMN had improved from the previous year. Len Industri together with Dahana and Pindad also provided dividends to shareholders.

    In the AGM, Len Industry decided to provide dividends to the country of Rp. 12 billion or 9.01% of net income, or the largest figure Len Industry has ever given to shareholders.

    President Director Zakky Gamal Yasin said that 2018 was passed very well. PT Len Industri posted revenues of Rp.5.3 trillion or an increase of 25.5% from the previous year which amounted to Rp. 4.25 trillion and 24.67% higher than the target set.

    "While NPM (Net Profit Margin) reached 2.5% or Rp. 133 billion. This net profit increased by 117% from 2017 which amounted to Rp. 61 billion, or 12.55% higher than the target," he said, Friday.

    The Transportation System business line is the most dominant contributing 68.68% of the company's total revenue. The ICT Business Line followed by 13.9%, Defense Electronics at 9.82%, Renewable Energy at 6.01%, and Navigation System at 1.4%.

    "The 2018 consolidated revenue contribution comes from the previous year's multiyears projects and new projects, mainly from the construction of the Skytrain, Light Rail Transit (LRT), Starstreak Air Defense System, and the construction of the Central Package Papala Ring," added Zakky.

    Realization of several synergies between SOEs during the year has strengthened cohesiveness and harmony in supporting infrastructure development programs. This is reflected in the successful completion of strategic projects in a timely manner, namely the South Sumatra LRT and the Soekarno Hatta International Airport Skytrain. Synergy will be the starting point for opportunities for follow-up on cooperation in completing similar projects in other major cities, even to the very open international level. Jo

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