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    Uu: Don't use a Mosque for Primary Services only


    BANDUNG - Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzanul Ulum requested that the mosque administrators or the DKM Mosque Prosperity Council not only use the mosque for basic worship such as prayer and recitation. Uu hopes that DKM can develop mosques to be the center of various problematic activities for the Ummah.

    "I hope, the mosque is not taboo to talk politics as long as there is benefit for the people, not practical politics. Then the mosque becomes the center of economic activities and others" said Uu, when he confirmed the DKM administrators of Cikembar Sukabumi Algebra mosque, AlJabbar Mosque Pameungpeuk Garut and Al Jabar mosque, kalipucang Pangandaran, in Gedung Sate, Friday (05/10/2019)

    Uu hopes that the DKM will be better able to prosper the mosque by imitating it like in the days of Rosululloh.

    "Especially in the era of advancing information technology like now, I hope DKM can all be more easily implemented in prospering the mosque," said Uu.

    Present in the inauguration of the DKM of the Aljabbar mosque was Secretary of West Java Iwa Karniwa, assistants and Kabiro Yanbangsos.

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