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    West Java Provincial Government Attempts to Make BIJB Kertajati an Indonesian Cargo Center


    BANDUNG CITY- West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) is trying to make West Java International Airport (BIJB) Kertajati Majalengka as Indonesia's cargo center. To realize it, West Java Provincial Government held a meeting with PT Jasa Angkasa Semesta (JAS) Tbk and PT Pos Logistik Indonesia in Pakuan Building, Bandung City, Friday (05/10/2019).

    The meeting was chaired by West Java Regional Secretary Iwa Karniwa, who represented West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil. Also present was Director of Corporate Affairs and Business Development Officer of PT JAS, Sigit Muhartono, and President Director of PT Pos Logistik Indonesia Yuzon Erman.

    According to Iwa Karniwa, the main agenda of the meeting was a presentation from each party about the potential of the cargo business at BIJB Kertajati. He also said that the meeting was still limited to the introduction of the international standard airport development plan.

    "We still see economic potential, geographical location and others," Iwa said after the meeting.

    "We want this development to be carried out immediately, but also does not violate the rules," he continued.

    Iwa Karniwa said, the main target of the cargo business at BIJB Kertajati is the e-commerce industry which is indeed growing rapidly. The finishing point of the cargo business itself, continued Iwa Karniwa, the welfare of the people of West Java soared.

    "We will provide 20 hectares of land later. If it's okay, we will join the venture. But, until now we don't know what the investment value is, "he said.

    PT JAS representative, Sigit Muhartono, said that BIJB Kertajati could develop rapidly if it was made a cargo center. Because, said Sigit Muhartono, relying on passenger growth is fairly difficult and takes a long time.

    "If we expect the growth of passengers in Kertajati it may be quite long, because access to the airport is still being built. But, the income from an airport is not only from passengers, it can also be from cargo. So, we propose to the Governor, "he said.

    BIJB Kertajati itself has several pluses as Indonesia's cargo center. First, the area around BIJB Kertajati is still wide. Then, the geographical location of the airport is considered ideal, not far from Jabodetabek and Central Java. This can facilitate the distribution of goods entering Indonesia.

    "The area is very good for exports and goods that come from abroad are distributed to these areas, so the time for distribution is not long," said Sigit Muhartono.

    "JAS itself has experience in the cargo industry, so we will take advantage of our connections abroad to come to Kertajati," he continued.

    Meanwhile, Director of PT Pos Logistik Indonesia, Yuzon Erman, highlighted the e-commerce industry market. According to him, BIJB Kertajati is in a strategic location because the e-commerce market in West Java and Central Java is so large.

    "We will try these issues to support and local governments to penetrate the MSME market. So, their costs can be cheaper and can compete with the global market, that's about the purpose of this collaboration, "he said.

    Moreover, said Yuzon Erman, logistics infrastructure in West Java has begun to be realized with the construction of the Patimban Subang Port. However, that alone is not enough. Need a logistics provider that is able to manage the business.

    "So this collaboration took place between PT JAS and PT Pos Logistik Indonesia, what we will do is activate BIJB into a logistic park. Moreover, 60 percent of the national industry is in West Java, "he concluded.

    Discussion of the technical issues of the collaboration of the three parties will be conducted next week by holding a similar meeting.

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