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    Governor Proposed to Build Large-Scale Hospital as Hasan Sadikin Hospital in Jatinangor


    BANDUNG CITY- Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil attended the Plenary Meeting of the Padjadjaran University Board of Trustees (MWA Unpad) at the office of the Unpad MWA Secretariat, Hayam Wuruk Street, Bandung City, Friday (10/5/19).

    In his capacity as an  MWA Unpad member, Emil - Ridwan Kamil's nickname, discussed with other MWA members regarding the planned construction of an education hospital in Jatinangor.

    In the plenary session led by the Minister of Communication and Information Rudiantara, Emil proposed, in addition to Unpad education hospitals, it was also to build large-scale public hospitals such as Hasan Sadikin Hospital (RSHS).

    "So there is a discourse on Unpad that makes education hospitals. Incidentally, I also received many complaints about Hasan Sadikin Hospital with its capacity. So if I may propose, just elabotarated, we make hospitals such as Hasan Sadikin which is wide in Jatinangor," he was met after the plenary meeting on Hayam Wuruk Street.

    According to Emil, the construction of Jatinangor hospital is planned to be far more extensive and complete compared to RSHS. That way, it is hoped that there will be no more problems with patients lacking rooms or treatment rooms.

    "So that there are no more problems at Hasan Sadikin which have been lacking this and so on," he said.

    Emil has not been able to talk much about funds because they are still limited to discourse. But he stated that this discourse would be discussed at the Ministry of Health level.

    "Next week I will meet with the Minister of Health to discuss this matter. It has not yet arrived at a new funding idea, it could not (function) Hasan Sadikin move to Jatinangor," he said.

    If this is approved, then RSHS in Bandung will be a specialist hospital or special education hospital. "Later, Hasan Sadikin will become a specialist hospital or what, Unpad also does not have a teaching hospital," Emil said. (*)

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