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    Governor Invites Community to Keep the Islamic Brotherhood


    CIANJUR - The Governor of West Java, Mochamad Ridwan Kamil again carried out the Traveling Tarawih (Tarling) to a number of mosques in cities and regencies in West Java, this time Tarling was held in Cianjur.

    "This is the month I missed, my Ramadhan month as Governor traveled to the area, and tonight in Cianjur to greet Cianjur residents, take tarawih prayers and provide compensation to Cianjur residents," he said.

    Governor advised the entire community, especially the Cianjur community to be able to maintain ukhuwah Islamiah and not be divided by the existence of differences that could actually be controlled.

    "I advise that Muslims must keep maintaining ukhuwah Islamiyah, maintain peace, unity and harmony," said the Governor, in Pendopo Cianjur, Wednesday (08/05) night.

    The governor also appealed to the people of West Java to always increase their devotion, increase worship and reduce the words and actions that are not good so that it can bring us to things that are less positive or bring negative responses.

    "The fasting month does not control itself especially the passions, with the semistence of the hadith" Speak good or silent "or in the digital age now, the context of social media posts good or detained," he said. (Parno)

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