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    Turkey Collaborates with Bio Farma Research Cooperation in Vaccine Development and Production


    BANDUNG - Recently the Turkish Ministry of Health Delegation led by Deputy Minister of Health of Turkey Interested in Collaborating with Bio Farma, after May 2, 2019 the Deputy Minister of Health Prof. Dr. Emine Alp Mese and Delegation of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey visited Bio Farma to explore collaboration in the provision of vaccines in their country.
    According to Prof. Emine "The number of recipients of annual vaccines is 1.35 million babies and the total dose of vaccines and serums needed is 44 million doses" at this time the Turkish government plans to develop vaccine production facilities through investment, so that it requires partners to transfer vaccine production technology.
    "In the future the Turkish government also wants to create independent vaccine production to export its products to neighboring countries, until now there has been no vaccine producer owned by the government".
    Juliman, the Production Director who was present, received a delegation representing the President Director of Bio Farma, saying "The Ministry of Health of Turkey, wants to have an industry like Bio Farma in its country. They also have a need for halal vaccines, this was revealed after learning that Bio Farma has implemented a Halal Assurance System, and when visiting the leading center of the OIC Center of Excellence vaccine research for the Vaccines and Biotechnology Products Facility in the Bio Farma production facility area "
    On this occasion the Turkish Delegation immediately reviewed production facilities, research and development facilities, and OIC Center of Excellence facilities at Bio Farma. The Turkish delegation acknowledges that Bio Farma has strong and recognized technology and research and development among OIC member countries.
    The Turkish delegation also conducted a bilateral meeting with the Indonesian Ministry of Health, represented by the Director General of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices, Republic of Indonesia Ministry of Health, Engko Sosialine Magdalene, to discuss the cooperation plan between the Ministry of Health of Turkey and the Indonesian Ministry of Health. vaccine development and production. (Even)

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