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    National Development Planning Meeting 2019 Launches Indonesia Vision 2045


    JAKARTA - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil attends the 2019 National Development Planning Meeting (Musrenbangnas) for the preparation of the Government Work Plan (RKP) 2020, at Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta, Thursday (05/09/19).

    The 2019 Musrenbangnas was opened by Indonesian President Joko Widodo (Jokowi), and was also attended by Vice President Jusuf Kalla, Working Cabinet Ministers, as well as governors, regents and mayors from all over Indonesia, launched the Indonesia Vision 2045.

    In his direction, the President said that Indonesia has the opportunity to become one of the countries with the strongest economic power in the world. Indonesia can be included in the top five or four of the economically strong countries in the coming 2045.

    "We have a great opportunity to become the strongest economic country, can enter the world's top five strongest economies, and can enter the world's four strongest economies in 2045," said the President.

    However, the President continued, to become the world's strongest economic country there are many challenges that must be faced and problems that need to be resolved. "We must be able to solve the existing problems that we will face towards 2045, towards 100 years of independent Indonesia. What?" he asked.

    The President explained, the issue of infrastructure equity was one of the problems that needed to be resolved immediately. Without infrastructure Indonesia will find it difficult to enter into the top five of the countries with the largest economic power in the world.

    To that end, the President asked for the participation of regional governments, in order to connect every infrastructure that has been built with the centers of economic production in their regions, such as industrial centers, tourism, small industrial centers, and centers of agricultural and plantation production.

    "Therefore, I ask the governor, regent, mayor, after the completion of some of the infrastructure that we have built either roads, toll roads, ports, airports, immediately the provinces and districts / cities connect, connecting with production points in the regions respectively, "he explained.

    Another thing is structural reform and bureaucracy. The President requested that all institutional affairs and licensing must be simplified.

    "We have to really carry out structural or bureaucratic reform issues, we have to simplify institutions and permit matters to be cut, simplification of permits must be done," said the President.

    Then, another problem that needs to be resolved if Indonesia wants to be included in the country with the world's strongest economy, namely the development of human resources. Ability or skill, especially the national workforce needs to be improved in order to compete globally.

    Including major problems in the health sector. The President wants that in the next five years Indonesia can be free from the problems of stunting, malnutrition and maternal and neonatal deaths.

    Meanwhile, PPN Minister / Head of Bappenas Bambang Brodjonegoro stated that the 2019 Musrenbangnas was an important momentum because the 2020 RKP was part of the implementation of the first year of the RPJMN 2020-2024.

    The President has initiated the Indonesian Dream 2018-2085 in order to realize the Unitary Republic of Indonesia which is independent, united, sovereign, just and prosperous. To translate this dream, said Bambang, the Ministry of PPN / Bappenas has compiled Indonesia's Vision 2045 specifically in order to meet the 100 years of Indonesian independence.

    "Indonesia's Vision 2045, Indonesia will be a developed country and has the highest income with the fifth largest GDP in the world. Indonesia will also have superior, cultured, mastered science and technology with an equitable and inclusive economy, and become a strong and clean democratic country , "Bambang said.

    According to Bambang, this vision can be achieved through four pillars of development, namely: First, human development and mastery of science and technology; Second, sustainable economic development; Third, equitable development; and Fourth, national resilience and governance.

    The 2019 Musrenbangnas which was also the preparation of the 2020 RKP and the implementation of the first year of the RPJMN 2020-2024 was held from 9-14 May 2019. The theme was taken to "Increase Human Resources for Quality Growth". Five national priorities in the 2020 RKP: First, human development and poverty alleviation; Second, infrastructure and regional arrangement; Third, the added value of the real sector, industrialization and employment opportunities; Fourth, food, water, energy and environment security; and Fifth, defense and security stability.

    In addition, on the same occasion Minister of PPN / Head of Bappenas Bambang Brodjonegoro also submitted the RPJMN Technocratic Draft Document 2020-2024, as well as the Preliminary Draft RKP 2020 to President Jokowi.

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