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    Telkom Inaugurates The Digital Village


    BANDUNG- Bandung is known as a creative city in West Java, as well as Bandung District. Rahayu is a village in Margaasih Sub district, Bandung District that has hat central industry.
    Selling area of Hat Industry in Rahayu village is not only in West Java, but also in Indonesia and international so that Telkom conducts that village becomes digital village.
    Rahayu village is famous as hat industry. According to the VP Executive Telkom Regional 3 West Java, Suparwiyanto, it is inspired TELKOM to accelerate the launch of small micro enterprises Program which is Digital Village. A program to develop small micro enterprises that is conducted an action for the aspiration of one million small micro enterprises in Indonesia (BAGUS Indonesia).
    SME Digital village, he said, is fulfilled many kind of program in developing UKM (medium-sized businesses) that were previously underway such as the educational use of ICT for UKMs in 500 UKM centres in various cities , 20 Fisherman Village Digital , Road show of NICE Indonesia in 30 cities.
    “The final target is one million UKM that is succeed in adopting digital technology from Telkom,” He said, Tuesday.
    The launching of UKM Digital Village program Hats Central Rahayu is held at Kantor Desa Rahayu, Bandung District, Tuesday (29/3). By the launching of UKM Digital Village program Hats Central Rahayu, it is expected can support the improvement of UKM in Rahayu village.
    Suparwiyanto said that there are two big components that can be considered in constructing a location to be UKM Digital Village by Telkom. First, there is core ecosystem that shows the relation among supplier, manufacture, and distribution channel. Second, business ecosystem that shows there is a relation among supplier, manufacture, whole seller, retailer, last consumer, government support and financial agency.
    After the two big components are fulfilled, he said, Telkom also set implementation parameter for UKM Digital Village, there is broadband infrastructure network. Also, there is a UKM community such as Cooperation, etc.
    Next, he said, the use of information technology in two ecosystems, such as e-Commerce. There is a process of sharing knowledge related to TI in the ecosystem; there is supervision from government and involvement from the other stakeholder (association, community, and academy) that is supporting each other to get acceleration of the use of implementation TI in UKM Digital village.
    The UKM digital village is adopted financial inclusion concept and digital inclusion. The potential of UKM Digital village Hat central Rahayu open an opportunity for us to manage Cooperation becomes a remittance agent and Payment Point Online Banking (PPOB) Delima. Furthermore, we want UKM digital village can accessed with e-Money.
    To the successful of UKM digital village, Telkom is definitely not stand alone. Telkom is invited the other parties to collaborate or is known as Pentahelix, which is academic, businessman, community, government bureaucracy, and media in ABCGM concept.
    “The collaboration can accelerate the improvement of UKM’s user in Indonesia.” He said.


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