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    Trase of Tegalluar-Bandung Station Fast Trains Describe Bandung Congestion


    BANDUNG CITY- Jakarta - Bandung fast train project is planned to be completed in June 2021. West Java Provincial Secretary Iwa Karniwa assesses the need for railway line connectivity in the city from Tegalluar, Bandung Regency to Bandung Station.

    At present, the progress of the construction of the Tegalluar-Station Bandung tract has arrived at the synchronization phase of the plan and the preparation of feasibility studies.

    The Tegalluar-Bandung Station project is implemented using a business to business pattern, because it is considered to be able to be completed more quickly. PT Kereta Api Indonesia (PT KAI) was chosen as chairman of the consortium together with WIKA LRT, PT Pilar Sinergi BUMN Indonesia (PSBI), and PT Kereta Api Indonesia Indonesia (KCIC).

    "The Jakarta-Tegalluar Insyallah fast train will be completed in June 2021. Certainly not enough to finish there, but also we need to complete the connectivity earlier than the completion of the fast train," said Iwa found in his office in Gedung Sate, Diponegoro Street, Bandung City, Wednesday (05/08/19) evening.

    "The chairman of the consortium is PT KAI, because the person who owns the asset. We will use the existing railroad road, thus it will be faster (completed), "he said.

    Iwa said, at the results of the meeting it was targeted that the feasibility study process would be completed by mid-July 2019. Thus the submission of the 15-kilometer tract to the Ministry of Transportation could proceed according to plan.

    Iwa added the West Java Provincial Government had proposed shifting the station to Cimekar, Gedebage to PT KAI. Shifting the location of the station considers the level of crowds and the plan to move the West Java government center to the Gedebage area.

    "There is a proposal from the Governor that we discussed specifically, which is one of the roads that are approached near the lake Gedebage, SOR Bandung Lautan Api, and also allows the transfer of the center of government to Gedebage. So the direction of the station governor was shifted closer to that, so that it was more optimally utilized and economically. This is also part of the study to be carried out by the PT KAI evaluation process, "explained Iwa.

    Iwa emphasized that the Tegalluar-Bandung Station tract would help break down congestion in the city of Bandung. Apart from the fact that the train does not use a full highway, the train also has a larger capacity in one transport, so that the movement of people and goods will be faster.

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